Yardage Book for YOUR Course

Yardage Book for YOUR Course

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If you are aware of what a yardage book is, you are probably at a level in your game where it can and will benefit you. In our opinion, if you have a rough idea of how far you will hit any given club in your bag, you should have a yardage book in your back pocket!

A yardage book is a valuable tool that will supplement your experience on any golf course. The benefits include a detailed map of the course that will provide you with information to have a strategy for every hole and every shot. A yardage book will save you strokes by mitigating mishits or poorly executed shots, and it will help you become more aware of how far you hit your clubs and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Not only do yardage books supplement your round of golf, but they are an excellent addition to getting better at the game!

When used correctly, a yardage book is an amazing tool and can be scaled to your level of ability on the golf course.

That all sounds fantastic! But, where do you get one!? Some courses provide yardage books, but most do not. Often the ones that you see in your golf shop are filled with advertisements, making it difficult to make notes like charting greens and places to miss. When taking notes on your yardage book is the key to owning one, having space to do so becomes essential.

That is where our friends at www.flaghunting.com come in! Their website provides you with the tools to make a greens book that has contours, tiers, and false fronts, and yardage books that provide accurate carry distances off the tee and yardages to the green, or a bundle that provides both!

Flag Hunting caters to all golfers including junior golfers and PGA professional golfers. With their helpful tutorial series, e-book, pre-made templates, and instructional videos, you will have a yardage book for the golf courses that YOU play right at your fingertips!  They emphasize lowering your score when you know the distance to attack the pin. The process of a yardage book will certainly make you a more thoughtful golfer!

PGA Tour yardage books are guiding professionals to much success on many golf courses and I am positive that your game will improve when you create one for YOUR course!

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